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Khombhi So it is about tradition. Passed on from our ancestors to us, a tradition every girl dreams to own. “Khombi” Odhani is a bandhej garment, either in the form of a dupatta, the entire outfit like a saree or a suit, and so on owned by almost in every Wedding.

KHOMBHI Brides wrapped in so called Khombi standing on stage being the center of attraction.

It is adorned by almost all the brides in some or the other way . Few prefer it over them as a dupatta covering their head and few as a wedding ensemble itself.

Bandhej In a world where traditions are slowly vanishing , khombi Dupatta is still maintained as a classic form of adornment of a bride.

Kala Bandhej Is a Manufacture , Wholesaler , Online Store as Well as Online Customized Studio

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