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Square 12 X 12 Mud Work Frame Lippan Art Hand Made 22


Hand Made Mud Work Frame Lippan Art

Size 12 X 12 Inch

Color And Size Customization Available

Handcrafted Mud Work Frame | Door Hanging | Made by the Artisans of Gujarat | Wall Decore

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Square 12 X 12 Mud Work Frame Lippan Art Hand Made

Size 12 X 12 Inch

Color And Size Customization Available

Handcrafted Mud Work Frame | Door Hanging | Made by the Artisans of Gujarat

Our Lippan mirrors are sure to bring some shine to up your homes!
Handmade in Banni, Kutch by one of the very few remaining Lippan Artists, our wooden mirror frames are a modern take on the traditional craft.

Lippan kaam traditionally is done on walls of the mud huts that the tribesmen live in. It is done on the exterior to reflect back the sharp sunlight and indoors to maximize the effect of a single candle as a light source. Over the years, as modern construction techniques have gained popularity, this gentle craft has been dying out. Our Lippan collection is our endeavor to help revive it.
Craft: : This piece showcases the remarkable beauty of lippan art – the white base of the square-shaped frame sets the perfect backdrop for the bold and intricate black patterns that adorn it. The elaborate designs seem to flow effortlessly, making it seem like the frame has captured a moment of fluid movement.


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Lippan Art

Kala Bandhej artisans from Bhuj, Kutch have skillfully crafted a Lippan Art mud work frame. - The frame is meticulously made using traditional techniques and materials. - The artisans have used mud as the primary material for creating the frame. - The Lippan Art technique involves creating intricate designs and patterns using a mixture of mud and other natural materials. - The frame showcases the rich cultural heritage of Bhuj, Kutch through its unique design and craftsmanship. - Each detail of the frame is carefully handcrafted by the skilled artisans, showcasing their expertise and dedication. - The use of mud as the main material not only adds an earthy and rustic touch to the frame but also ensures its durability. - The frame is a perfect blend of traditional artistry and contemporary design, making it a unique and eye-catching piece. - Kala Bandhej artisans have mastered the art of Lippan mud work, and their creations are highly sought after for their beauty and craftsmanship. - Owning a Lippan Art mud work frame made by Kala Bandhej is a testament to the rich artistic traditions of Bhuj, Kutch.

Mud Art

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